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Welcome to my page. Here we are in 2024. I am happy to report the latest release from Bob Slaughter is done. A year in the making, the project is called 'Earth Warrior'. Mastered and sounding fantastic by Robert Rich. There are really great songs on this project. It features some of the hill country's finest musicians. Now available for streaming and also for sale at

Current projects are Sonoplasm, which is Lee Martin's latest synth/modular project. Lee is using A.I. voices on some of his pieces and it is wild how well that works. Jay Williams, a very talented songwriter out of Houston, Texas. I've been working with Jay now for over 20 years. Tom Ash, (a video shoot for one of Tom's tunes has just wrapped, shot right here using our newly restored green screen)  Maeve Gallagher, an amazing vocalist (with Kaya) and guest artists. I continue working with members of The Psychoholics and I'm also still working with two other talented artists, Scot Byrd and Ryan Malone. Scot is a musician/composer who moved here from LA a few years ago. He is always bringing me fun projects to work on that he's put together with his web based group of musicians from all over. Ryan is a guitarist composer writing amazing tracks on his phone and then expanding on them here.

I've been a bassist/guitarist for over 55 years. I learned to play bass and guitar by copying licks from albums by King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Area, Flash, ELP, Jaco Pastorius, Jeff Berlin, Stanley Clark, Gil Evans, Stan Kenton, Jeff Beck, Egberto Gizmonti, Ralph Towner, among many others.  I also love spending time playing keyboards and drums. My true love is fretless bass. Over the past thirty years, I've spent a lot of time expanding my knowledge in the field of capturing and mixing audio. I started recording digitally in 1993 using Digital Performer when the entire program came on a single floppy disc. My studio 'MicSide Manor' is a product of three years work that I completed mostly on my own. I'm running 18 inputs of UAD Apollo, 8 inputs of MOTU and 8 inputs of Eventide interfaces using Logic, Luna, and Harrison Mixbus software. 

"He gave it all to ya, and that's what you want. You want it all or none"” - Little Richard

Jimi Hendrix Story

With Jason Galbraith & Ray Dillard

This track features the sound of a steam engine that is over 100 years old.

Latest Mix Project

Just finished mixing the new Evil Triplet release. Working with Steve Marsh was a joy. Steve was nice enough to add my bass tracks to four of the six songs on the project.  I don't think I have a favorite track because they all shine bright. Lots of cool guitar tones and Eurorack modular experimentation going on here. Right up my spacey vibe alley. A fun listen for sure. 

I had a blast mixing/producing this band out of San Antonio. Crazy songs with fun lyrics. The files were rescued from ADAT and transferred to wave format. I'd only met one member of the band and all the direction came via phone and email. In the end, I was able to take all the scattered recordings and make a cohesive project that all the members were happy with.

Bob Slaughter’s 5th self-produced studio album, The World Passes By, represents a bold new artistic direction for the Driftwood-based singer-songwriter. The 10 song collection portrays a mature artist at the top of his game dealing with weighty themes of mortality, social justice and environmental consciousness, yet still imbued with Slaughter’s innate optimism and affirmative lyrics, resulting in a sumptuous, uplifting and, at times, meditative listening experience. 

“Besides being an evolution in my song writing, and my musical and vocal ambitions,” Slaughter said, “The World Passes By project has brought together an amazing and supportive community of people in the music world, locally and beyond.” 

Eighteen months in the making, the album was produced in Wimberley by Slaughter and co-producer/engineer/bassist Jeff Stocki, in the latter’s studio, Mic Side Manor. Performers on the album include some of the Hill Country’s finest session players, with such featured notables as drummer Brandon Aly (New Bohemians), violinist Erik Hokkanen (Gary P Nunn), trumpeter Oliver Steck (Bob Schneider), saxophonist Jason Galbraith (U.S. Air Force Band), and vocalist Julie Ragins (Justin Hayward/Moody Blues). Remote artists include Peter Purvis on Uilleann pipes and Ray Dillard on percussion. 

The song list includes Down in Your Bones, Drums of Peace, Until My Dying Day, Food for the Soul, Impermanence, Shine, Return to Now, Just a Little Shelter, Hold On, and title track The World Passes By